Tough times and dealing with our muscle car

“Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” ~Buddha

Our bodies are not indestructible, and there is only so far we can push them before they start to fail. We should know.

When we’re stressed, we take time out to breathe and think happy thoughts but what do we do for our bodies? Maybe we sometimes forget about that part–I know I do. So what can we do for our bodies alone when things are getting tough?

1. Take Time for Exercise

I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of this one because physical activity actually compounds the problems I experience with my body. But occasionally, when my joints aren’t screaming, I make sure that I keep my limbs limber by going for a gentle walk.

2. Make Sleep a Priority

If you’re tired, even if you feel that you need to get more done, give yourself permission to sleep. I ignored this simple notion for nearly a year when I first started feeling unwell. Now that I embrace it, my body thanks me for it.

3. Eat Well and Savor It

We’re encouraged to be increasingly mindful of what we eat nowadays and for good reason considering the state of the food we consume. I’d like to encourage you however, to turn your attention inwards for a moment and think about eating as more than a bland necessity or ethical conundrum. Food is fuel, and we need it to function optimally.

4. Listen to Pain

When something hurts, something somewhere has gone wrong, and your body is trying to tell you that. We often pay no attention to pain unless it becomes unbearable: that tooth ache isn’t so bad, it can wait for a while; the sharp tugging in my shoulder is a result of repetitive strain but it usually goes by the time I’m home, so no need to worry.

5. Slow Down

We tend to think we’re untouchable. We end up taking on way too much and then running around like maniacs.

If we squeeze every second out of our day at record speed, our flesh, bones, muscles, organs–the whole lot–will eventually suffer.

Show your body the same compassion that you endeavor to show everyone. It needs it just as much.

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