Top 10 Ways to a Successful Lifestyle

Top 10 Ways to a Successful Lifestyle

The transition from being a young adult to being a young professional can be daunting and tedious. It may be time to grow up and get lost of your teen and schoolboy ways. These are some of the best ways on developing the cultured and sophisticated image you’ll need to network, move ahead professionally and make positive social impressions.

1) Be Exciting. Doesn’t necessarily mean that you drive a fast motorbike and play proper poker (Texas Hold’em). It basically means that you live your life as a yes man and take all challenges that are presented to you, day in, day out. From any kind of sports and traveling, the best is always to live dangerously and publicly woo the ladies. You can also be an amazing dancer, and a great cook.

2) Have presence. Have immaculate manners, be charming, and smell good. If you possibly can, learn how to dance, and well. Learn how to give a  decent handshake. This is a classic greeting that when done wrongly sets a bad first impression (Limp handshake = limp personality). Be firm, but not too bone-crushingly aggressive. Know how to counter someone who has a dominant handshake (palm down).

3) Grooming. Find good grooming products (excluding hair products beyond shampoo and conditioner). Start from the basics of the basic face regimen; cleanse-scrub-protect. Choose your trademark cologne wisely. Proceed to learn more on all products you frequently use.

4) Travel. See the world, experience things, other cultures. This is a major step in becoming interesting. Immerse yourself in foreign cultures and come back from travels having ‘seen the world’, having done things. You should be able to show people this in many different ways, for example, in a bar, have a sophisticated alcoholic drink that is known as an acquired taste. If you have a great story to go with the drink, it’s like having the cherry on the cake.

5) Be fit. An interesting, intelligent person is almost always relatively fit, it shows you care about your health and can look after yourself. Playing a sport helps especially if it involves team work and loads of beer :D. Health and fitness also give you a certain energy, and add to your presence with both the ladies and the guys.

6) Be a gentleman. Bodily functions such as flatulence should be conducted as privately as possible; if it is obvious, excuse yourself or disappear before the bomb explodes in their face!

7) Never pick your nose in public. Excuse yourself to the restroom if you must. Carry a handkerchief if possible. Buy them in packs and carry a clean one every day. Like underwear, these mustn’t be reused without washing.

8) Be more attentive to the woman in your life. A small stroke on the arm or holding her by the small of the back makes the woman feel connected, but be appropriate and use discretion with physical contact. Never, over use in public, of course unless she demands it!

9) Be organized and fulfill your commitments. Keep your agenda well planned and never over commit or make promises that you can’t deliver. A man of word entices respect and admiration from others.

10) Important: Update your social networking page.

  • Remove drunken photos. Also remove photos of friends behaving badly.
  • Monitor the post your friends send to you and delete anything that could appear inappropriate.
  • Remove yourself from groups that are no longer appropriate for your new image.
  • Adjust your background images and pick something non-offensive and more mature.
  • Remove excessive personal information and never include an annual salary.