To Suggest or not to Suggest, that is the question!

How do I suggest to my boyfriend that he should start using acne & blackhead scrub for his face?

Here’s the thing: my boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 months. He literally has holes in his face due to acne & they kiiiiinda bother me… he has blackheads on his nose that i forwardly got rid of in public because i could’nt take it anymore. -.- i just want him to be on top of his skin… making sure he takes care of it. He has holes already… WHAT.. he’s gonna have more if he does’nt take care of it? HELL NO!! I need help, people. what’s the best advice advice?

We believe, that firstly, you need to just be honest with him and tell him that he needs to take care of his skin.
Another good way to do it without being mean is when you are internet shopping pop a facial cleanser & scrub. Leave them on his desk and say how you have heard great things about them. Say that you want him to try them out for you and tell you what he thinks because you trust his opinion the most. This way it sounds like you want his opinion about facial cleansers & scrubs (you could even pop some moisturizers and say you want to know which once works the best in his opinion), his confidence is boosted because you value his opinions so much and you don’t have to worry about more acne/blackhead problems. It is a win/win situation.

A simple, “Hey, I got you something for your skin. It should help clear up your pores a whole lot! It worked for me.” Then give it to him – preferably with a moisturizer as well. He’ll probably be glad that you thought enough of him to point it out and offer some help – again, most people will avoid saying things that need to be said because they think they’re sparing somebody’s feelings.

Worst case scenario and last call of action would be to do it in front of his friends. That could be seen as attention seeking and tell him that your concerned about his skin and that you love him.

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  • Frank

    Try buying him some Decleor Clean Skin Scrub Gel (1) It is great at unplugging pores and has a moisturising effect too.

  • The Godfather

    Hi Frank, have you tried our scrub up daily detox from Rehab London or any of our products? We suggest that you try some and let us know! 😉

    • Frank

      Hi, to be perfectly honest I have not tried any of your products. I have been a dedicated fan of Decleor for many years. Having said that I am not adverse to trying something new. Thanks for the advice re: the Scrub Up 🙂

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