Cleanse, scrub, moisture… putting a clean face to a man

Cleanse, scrub, moisture… putting a clean face to a man

Men and face/skin cleansing traditionally didn’t go hand in hand. Sure, they always had a clean face. However, just recall how long our fathers spent in the bathroom when compared to the never ending waits for your mum or your sister to get out…

Ask most of our dads… and lo and behold probably cleaning one’s face meant a daily wash with a bar of soap and a clean shave. Thankfully there were the various shaving oils, creams and foams to make up for the erstwhile void. Thanks for evolution [I mean the increased consciousness about being clean and taking care of our skin… ehmmm… no there is still no scientifically recognised homo sapiens sapiens radiantes] and technology nowadays men understand the need to take care of their appearance, their body, their skin… and have a wide range of products to choose from…

Cleanse, scrub, moisture… putting a clean face to a man…

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Products for men may be grouped into three categories (of course other websites may group them differently), mainly based on the type of process which they seek to facilitate.

Face Cleanser

Face cleansing is the most important thing one can do. Basically a clean face sums up to removing the pollution, sebum, impurities and dirt which accumulate on one’s face. And if you’re tempted to ask, no simply washing it with a soap is not a healthy option. Indeed it may worsen the face’s condition by drying your skin… so its basically a no-go. Men’s skin, generally has larger pores than female’s skin. Also, men’s sebaceous glands (glands in the skin that secrete an oily or waxy matter, called sebum, to lubricate and waterproof the skin and hair) tend to produce more sebum than is required to keep the skin moist. This gives the skin that oily feel, and if uncleaned, together with dirt and other impurities which fall on the face clog pores, cause blackheads and leaves the skin prone to breakouts. To help you get a clean face, MeninMalta offers a wide range of products, at different prices, for all types of skin and all based on naturally derived cleaning agents for your daily cleansing wash that helps remove pollution, sebum, impurities and dirt. Have a look: Gavin Green Revolutionary Rubber Effect Peel Off Mask; Nickel Super Clean Soft Face Wash; Comfort Zone Active Cleanser; Recipe For Men Ultra Sensitive Facial Cleanser; Memorably Good Daily Face Wash; Comfort Zone Man Space Splash Performer

Face Scrub

While a cleanser helps removing away the sebum, impurities and dirt on the skin’s surface, it does not get rid of the material which would have still managed to make its way into your pores… and that is where a scrub gets useful. A good scrub, applied a couple of times a week (yes two to three times should suffice) helps clear any impurities and congestion from your pores and remove any dead skin. This leaves even the roughest and dullest of complexions feeling smooth whilst looking bright and healthy… a really clean face. Exfoliation (as scrubbing is also called) at the same time helps the razor get closer for a smoother, easier shave resulting in reduced razor drag and razor burn. It also helps prevent future ingrown hairs, and allows the skin to better absorb moisturizers. MeninMalta’s range of scrubbing/exfoliating products once more offers a wide range of products and prices for your skin’s (and clean face’s) requirements. Have a look: Nickel Super Clean Face Scrub; Comfort Zone Active Scrub; Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub; Recipe for Men Face Scrub; Rehab London Scrub Up Daily Detox; and Comfort Zone Man Space Scrub Performer

Face Moisturiser

Remember Dad’s soap… well dry skin which ages fast was its major side-effect. Notwithstanding how much you cleanse and scrub your face, skin can and will get dry. Of course this is more and more so in Malta. Yes, this is the side effect of our fabulous weather and long sunny days with UV ratings higher than 2 almost all year round. Air conditioning or heating indoors, long days at the beach between May and September and that dip in the refreshing sea/pool add up to the dryness. Add your daily dose of shaving and showering, and its all a recipe for skin ageing. Moisturisers hydrate and revitalise your skin, and provided thy have the necessary ingredients (Such as SPF) provide critical protection against the sun’s harmful (and cancerogenic) UV rays. MeninMalta’s range includes: Mr. Willie Mack’s All Over Wax; AnatomicalsDaily Moistuirser With Spf 15 And Anti-Wrinkle; Gavin Green Illuminating Moisturiser with Balm Mint & Speedwell Herbs; Bonne Gueule Blond Moisturizer for Light Complexions (Nickel Moisturiser For Sensitive Skin); Recipe For Men Anti Shine Moisturizer; Recipe for Men Facial Moisturizer; Jack-Black-Double-Duty-Face-Moisturizer; Rehab London No Shine Moisturiser; Rehab London Revive Survive; Rehab London Morning Glory; Comfort Zone Man Space Oil Control Performer; Comfort Zone Men Space Hydra Performer